No Supper Supper


The 17th No Supper Supper event will run from June 1st to August 31st, 2017

Make your tax-deductible donation to the No Supper Supper.

The 17th annual No Supper Supper project is to raise $12,000 to purchase 4 New Wing Chairs as well as a Multi-Use scale for The Birches. We will also continue our commitment to the music program for the residents.

Watch for donation totals posted on the sign in front of the Birches Nursing Home.

Donations can still be made:

*At the Twin oaks and the Birches reception Desks.
*Royal Bank Branches in Musquodoboit Harbour and Porters Lake.
*By Credit Card using the Paypal link to the right.
*By mailing your cheque to:
No Supper Supper
Twin Oaks Birches Health
Care Charitable Foundation
PO Box 186
Musquodoboit Harbour, NS, B0J 2L0

Download and complete your pledge form here or from the link on the right.

2016 No Supper Supper

The 2016 No Supper Supper Campaign went towards the purchase of a “King LT” for the Hospital. The King Laryngeal Tube (King LT) allows practitioners to quickly and efficiently establish a secure airway without direct laryngoscopy.
The Final Total for the 2016 Campaign was $10,340!!!

2015 No Supper Supper

The 2015 No Supper Supper Campaign went towards the purchase of furniture for The Birches. We purchased 20 sets of bedside cabinets and over the bed tables.
The Final Total for the 2015 Campaign was $12,310!!!

2014 No Supper Supper

The 2014 No Supper Supper Campaign went towards the purchase of lifts for the hospital as well as bedside tables and over bed table for the Birches.
The Final Total for the 2014 Campaign was $13,005!!!

2013 No Supper Supper

The 2013 No Supper Supper Campaign went towards the purchase of a variety of items for The Birches to make life for staff and residents easier. Included was a sterilizer, a refrigerator for medications, a defibrillator kit and exerciser and for the hospital we funded some trauma room upgrades and a reflection room.
The Final Total for the 2013 Campaign was $12,870!!!

2012 No Supper Supper

The 2012 No Supper Supper Campaign went towards the purchase of 3 Suzy Q Cart systems at a cost of $6,000 each.  Developed by a long-term care Dietician, the carts allow the seniors to chose their own meals.  There is less waste, food is served hotter, and the seniors dining experience is one of choice and dignity.
The Final Total for the 2012 Campaign was $14,795!!! 

2011 No Supper Supper

The 2011 No Supper Supper Campaign went towards the purchase of OVER BED LIFTS in resident rooms at The Birches.  These lifts are used to move residents who are unable to move from their beds, to chairs or to bath tub’s and provide a safe means for nursing staff to move residents.  The cost of these lifts is $6,000 each (installed) and it was our hope that the 2011 No Supper Supper would raise enough to purchase three of them.

*** The 2011 No Supper Supper Campaign Raised $15400 !!! ***

2001-2010 No Supper Supper

The No Supper Supper began in 2001; the first campaign was designed to replace the Twin Oaks Hospital Supper at the Eastern Shore Summer Fair carried out by the Twin Oaks Ladies Auxiliary from 1945 until the Auxiliary retired in the late 1990’s. The Hospital Supper was a major fundraiser involving every household and community from Lake Echo to Meagher’s Grant to Tangier.  Hundreds of volunteers canvassed the community and put on a two-day 3 meal ham supper with homemade potato salad, rolls and pies and was served at the Musquodoboit Harbour Fair. The last supper was held in the year 2000.

The No Supper Supper has been a huge success, well supported by generations of families in our local communities.  The campaign consists of a direct mail out to 7200 homes from Lawrencetown to Meaghers Grant to Tangier as well as advertising in local publications.  The weekly tally is posted on the Birches Home for Special Care sign.  From 2003 to 2010 the campaign has completely paid for the 22 passenger wheelchair bus.


Thank you for your continued support!