The 2011 Fund-A-Need project was to raise funds to convert a Solarium in the Birches to Palliative Care Room.  A room where the dying Resident and their families can spend time together, in privacy.  A comfortable room where family may spend the night with their loved one if they wish, where they can play some soft music.  A room where they can laugh, cry, tell stories, and share with each other without being concerned they were disturbing another Resident on the other side of a curtain.

To convert and furnish the room will cost approximately $5,000.  This was a very emotional topic for the attendee’s of the Gala and they responded overwhelmingly by donating $6,350 within minutes of being asked.  Thank you so much for your generosity, the Birches is a better place for our Residents today because of you.  (See our Testimonials page for a personal thank-you from a local Family).
Picture will follow when the room is complete.