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The Fund-a-Need appeal raises funds for a specific cause or piece of equipment which is desperately needed by either Twin Oaks or The Birches.

Fund-A-Need has been put on hold since 2020 due to COVID-19. Recognizing that asking for donations during tough financial times for many is not ideal, we are however still accepting contributions for anyone wishing to donate through our regular means.

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Previous Fund-A-Need Appeals:

Photo of AutoScrubber

2019 - Autoscrubber 2000 (Cost: $20,000)

The 2019 Fund-A-Need project was to raise funds for The Birches to purchase an Autoscrubber 2000 floor cleaning machine that scrubs and dries in one pass, leaving a clean, dry floor in its wake. At a cost of $20,000 the unit is an expensive piece of equipment, but you can’t put a value on the safety of our residents and staff. "Our current floor washing system requires us to use orange cones to identify a wet area. We need to mark the areas until they are completely dry. Many residents either do not see the cones or they can no longer identify that they signify risk" said Jaime Edwards, Resident Care Manager.

2013 - Spirometer Appeal (Raised: $5,700)

The 2013 Fund-A-Need project was to raise funds purchase a Spirometer for Twin Oaks Hospital. By having this machine at Twin Oaks, residents of the Eastern Shore do not have to travel to Halifax and Dartmouth for tests. We are able to hold a monthly Spirometry Clinic which also includes a teaching component to improve the lives of the patients. A Spirometer is used as a diagnostic tool for people who have asthma, COPD, and other lung diseases. Early detection is very important in lung disorders so having this machine reduces the wait time in our community.

2011 - Palliative Care Room Appeal (Cost: $5,000)

The 2011 Fund-A-Need project was to raise funds to convert a Solarium in the Birches to Palliative Care Room.  A room where the dying Resident and their families can spend time together, in privacy.  A comfortable room where family may spend the night with their loved one if they wish, where they can play some soft music.  A room where they can laugh, cry, tell stories, and share with each other without being concerned they were disturbing another Resident on the other side of a curtain.


To convert and furnish the room will cost approximately $5,000.  This was a very emotional topic for the attendee’s of the Gala and they responded overwhelmingly by donating $6,350 within minutes of being asked. "Thank you so much for your generosity, the Birches is a better place for our Residents today because of you." (Read full testimonial here).

2010 - Blanket Warmer Appeal (Cost: $5,000)

A “Blanket Warmer” is a cabinet that warms solutions, towels, and blankets. It is very important to a facility such as the Birches Home For Special Care because many of the residents are frail, and cold all the time. A warm blanket stimulates circulation, soothes and relaxes arthritic muscles, and increases mobility. Money was raised in 5 minutes at the 2010 Annual Spring Gala.

Photo of Blanket Warmer
Patient photo

2009 - Roho Mattress Appeal (Cost: $3,000)

The Roho Mattress is used most often used with long term residents and palliative care residents. The mattress is comprised of air pockets that can be adjusted to the patient lying upon it. It helps to prevent bed sores and pain as a result of bones digging into regular mattresses. Money was raised in less than 5 minutes at the 2009 Spring Gala.

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