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The 2009 John Fraser Fall Classic

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

The 2009 John Fraser Fall Classic was the most successful 3-hole tournament there ever was! Nineteen teams played, or tried to, got soaked, and raised $22,347!

There was a slight delay due to the rain so many of the players of the 18 teams playing the Tournament took advantage of the great breakfast cooked up by River Oaks Golf Course. After an hour the skies cleared and everybody hit the course.

By the 3rd hole, the skies opened with “sideways” rain. The cart paths quickly turned into rivers, the bunkers into lakes. The player’s tried to take cover but there was no escaping it, everyone got soaked!

Special guest Russ Howard had been hosting a “Beat the Pro” contest on one of the holes but graciously posed for pictures inside instead with his Olympic Gold Medal for Curling, in the Turin 2006 Olympic Games. Russ is the “winningest” curler in Canadian history having achieved 107 Brier wins among his long list of curling achievements.

After pictures and prizes all participants enjoyed a hot turkey dinner before heading home with a voucher from River Oaks for another game on a nice sunny day!

A very special thank-you to our Event Sponsors: Pepsi Bottling Company and AML Communications.


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